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Re: Cont Lock finally?

Regarding the NDZ, I find it ironic it is okay to park a tank next to a spawnpoint and actually having the ability to completely control a base through that far more annoying.

Both NDZ and spawn camping are down to base design being based on Suiss cheese instead of internal fortresses with layered defense:

From out to in:

Anything goes -> field combat: (air) vehicles dominant
Base walls -> siege gameplay A: vehicles dominant
Courtyard -> breach gameplay: courtyard shields as first objective, access to inner area second objective. Vehicles not dominant but present
Inner base first level: Infantry can hold this without too much influence from vehicles
Inner base second level: infantry vs infantry only
Inner base third level: primary objectives and spawn, infantry only.

The NDZ was created because the primary objective was paved in the courtyard level for most outposts. Holding your ground is made next to impossible.
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