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Originally Posted by Illtempered View Post
Ok ok, yeah farmville players are real gamers. Give me a ***%#in break. I'm talking about real FPS gamers, yeah the master race. Go back to your farmville, console, and phone games if you don't get it.

Why would nubs stick around after getting mopped by vets? Um, because they're not pussies? That's the simple answer. Maybe you can't relate. That's how many of the dev decisions in this game seem to be made.

1) Nub(dev) logs in.
2) Nub gets owned.
3) Nub nerfs weapon/playstyle that owned him.

What got me so addicted to online gaming was getting my ass handed to me in Counterstrike.
I'm really glad you're not a game designer. Your fratboy "alpha male" bullshit would never go anywhere in a game development environment. Counterstrike is renown for having one of the shittiest gaming communities to have ever existed, and the only reason it's survived is because its lobbies have a relatively small amount of players in them; you don't need very many players to get a Counterstrike match going, and only a hundred or so people per server is enough to ensure that you continuously get matches. By comparison, you need THOUSANDS of players *per server* AT ALL TIMES in order for Planetside 2 to function. It needs a larger community than ANY other game that has ever existed in order to function. So it can't afford to have this macho-man dudebro mentality of "fuck da noobs the MLG pro-players will stay!" It has to cater to "casuals" because whether you like it or not, "casual" gamers vastly outnumber "no-lifers" like you and I.

So cool, you want the game to cater to the "hardcore master race alpha" nerd? Alright, then what you basically want is for the game to be empty, with only a couple hundred playing it per server. Kudos.

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