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Re: Cont Lock finally?

Originally Posted by Illtempered View Post
Oi, that's uncalled for.

Just state your prefered design argument and provide some alternatives. Don't simply insult or suggest only the elite is allowed to play the game.

Why not suggest some ways to let devs help players learn the game, rather than take the easy route and insult a dev for not doing as you want without being constructive about it?

Even though I disagree with the solution taken by the dev team, he's got a point on the new player thing. However, while I disagree with the solution provided.

Currently the game provides and applies a "bandaid" or "cure" for the player (to a minor extend). Personally I'd prefer "prevention" and teaching "self-medication" through tutorials and hints in game.

Possibly players that die frequently getting some suggestions on changing their behaviour through loading screen texts or some such.

Raging about it is not the solution.
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