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Doctor Digit
Re: New pic of TR Prowler

Really like the profile of the new prowler. I know I've got my BF3 mates interested hardcore into this game and can't wait to run a hunter-killer group of 10 or so prowlers. By far the sexiest looking tank of the three I think. Though that just might be my TR pride talking. I know it might be a bit silly, but I actually would love the idea of a command seat in the tanks too, for the commanders who specialize deep enough into it. Have one command tank with 6 or 7 other friendly tanks that gives them a small repair bonus and boost in spotting range. That sorta deal.

CORPSMAN - Usually a young, long haired, bearded, Marine-hatin' Sailor with certain medical skills, who will go through the very gates of Hell to get to a wounded Marine.
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