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Re: Please let us know you experience with PS 1

Raymac - Markov NC
Also played as ReMaxx on Johari VS

BR30-something / CR 2 (Yeah I know, just spent more time helping 4.5s get to 5 than on my own CR. It kinda became a source of pride for me because I felt like that Sergeant Major that told you to not call him "sir" because he actually works for a living.)

Played since late May, early June of '03, so Planetside literally taught me how to upgrade my RAM and GPU.

DarkFate and SkyExile, both you guys have killed me more times than I'd care to remember. I bounced around a couple outfits until I joined up with the zergfit, 666th Devil Dogs because I really got a kick out of rolling the MASSIVE raids they did. It felt like "Oh nice little battle you have there. Excuse us as we completely change the tide with all these tanks and planes."

I got bored of the inside battles fairly quickly, so I really spent most of my time in a Reaver and when I wasn't flying rapid response, I was usually helping to take the courtyard, and then once that was secure, I'd fly CAP and fight off any reinforcements that would try to counter.

I still fly the 666th banner when I play now, not because they are active, but just to keep the memory alive. So, if you don't recognize my name, which I doubt anyone does, it's because I was usually up in the air.

Originally Posted by Quovatis View Post
Sorry, but what's the point of this thread? To brag about how many kills you have? To get yourself on the "who's who" of PS? What does this have to do with PS2?
Yeah. So?
"Before you say anything, prepare to stfu." -Kenny F-ing Powers

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