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Re: Please let us know you experience with PS 1

I was in early beta before the COF fix when the game was all about who could crouch first. Back then people went to empty continents so they could get base capture XP without having to fight for it.

I played at release up until a few months after BFRs. Johari for life. BFR's didn't necessarily ruin the game for me, although they were a large part of the reason I stopped playing.

My computer back then couldn't really handle Planetside so I drove a tank (always a driver, never a gunner) for about 2 years straight. I also sniped, and was pretty damn good at it. Sometimes in big battles I would steal kills so fast that my name would spam as fast as I could reload.

AA Alliance
BR20 CR 4.8. I easily could have been CR5 3 times over but I started playing sporadically and stuck to sniping/tanking with my roommate. Extra battle ranks came shortly after I stopped playing.
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