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Re: Please let us know you experience with PS 1

Where to start...

Subbed in June 2003 a month after release, I subbed to play with my brother-in-law who was already part of an outfit called (SOL) Navy on TR Konried. I also played his account in beta when he wasn't on. I played off and on, getting to BR20 by early 2004 and CR5 around August of 04. I became the outfit leader of (SOL) Navy after much of the outfit migrated to WoW (I personally hated that game.) After a short stint as outfit leader, I quit to join a TR pilot outfit called Liberty Reborn with Warpath and TheViper (now VenomDT.) I then quit LR to do a trial with Serious Gamers, however one month into my trial I found their playstyle and attitude towards the game not fitting for me at the time. This information became public on the official forums due to a raging former outfit member of LR. Not wanting to partake in anymore "Emerald drama" as I called it, I moved to Markov VS in late January of 2005. Using my SOL Navy alt character named ShockSN (SN = SOL Navy), I joined Future Crew after the outfit leader at the time, Abathur, recruited me.

Shortly after joining Future Crew I began playing non stop, massing kills, outfit points, and respect from within the outfit and around the Markov server. By September of 2005 I rose to the #2 position as LtSmash took over outfit leadership. In charge primarily of recruitment, I recruited many players who would become recognized as FC mainstays and Markov VS legends - including JimiJazz, RELOADS, and Tav. LtSmash, after going through periods of his own inactivity, promoted me to outfit leader in June 2006. Two months later, the infamous outfit wars began. Going on a drive to get all inactive members back and spreading the word, we were able to mass 30+ players per game and won outfit wars on Markov with a perfect 6-0-0 record. After that I participated in various different experiments and periods of recruitment - which include the forming of aeroPhalanx on Emerald, sniping all the top members of Lost Minions (including DarkFate), Tripulacion Futura, The Balance, and many more.

I'm often referred to by people as the PS1 player encyclopedia due to my large amounts of community involvement - specifically on the official forums and markovforums - as well as the large amount of people I've played with and talked to over the years. I've made my mark on or have been involved with almost every "leetfit" classed outfit to grace the game (even with several large outfits, including GOTR, and the ULTRA Alliance). I eagerly await PS2 because I know the community that was so fantastic in PS1 will be present.

Finally, my stats and some of my outfits stats... I suppose since everyone is doing it?

100k+ Kills on all my characters combined (conservative guess.)
Future Crew became the first outfit with under 100 members (never broke 100 in our history) to mass 10 million OPs.
Future Crew was the second outfit to reach 3 million total kills among outfit members (2nd to PCP.)
ShockSN, VS 35/5 - Future Crew OL, 360k OPs ~80k kills
Her0ic, VS 33/5 - The Balance
ShockFC, TR 30/5 - The Overlords, this character was renamed from "Sh0ckDockt0r", my original TR Konried character
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