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Re: Please let us know you experience with PS 1

I'm best known as Effect/Effective/Gigantor (call me whatever, I don't care really :P) I've poured more then a couple hundred hours into this game probably, I don't even know for sure.

TR - TRxEffect - 40/5 - 24k kills
VS - Effectivexx - 25/3 - 2.5k
NC - TauFX - 18/0 - 1k kills at the most

Other account - Not sure about the total kills off the top of my head, all together it's probably about 40-50k kills on this account
TR - TRxEffective - BR40/5 (had some help with this one though :P)
GIGANTORtr - 26/2

VS - PublicEnemy - 33/5
GIGANTOR89 - 26/3

NC - DeltaFX - 34/5
Effective - 18/1

I've played on and off for a long time since august of 2003. I didn't start playing consistently until right before the markov/emerald merge. I was part of GotR before that happened, and joined the Juggernauts afterwords. I played with several groups of players of the course of that time, and eventually found my way into a somewhat infamous group of players known as TRx (Knights Of The Old Republic). Many good times to be had playing with them as a support role before they split due to some in-house problems. While I'm still technically part of TRx, it's remaining members don't play planetside (and I'm not subbed either), but we don't play the same games at all.

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