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Thumbs up [TR - Miller] Armoured Farmers Recruiting!

We are a Terran Republic outfit based on the [EU] Miller server.

How do I join the outfit?
Just register on our website ( and then fill out the following (very basic) form. Once you have done this, we will review the application and add you to the outfit in-game.

Application Link:

Teamspeak 3

About us
Our goal is to be a medium sized outfit of loyal members who play together as a team. There is no activity requirement, real life comes before gaming. We consider ourselves a group of mature players who know how to have a good time while playing strategically.

Main Outfit [Leader: Mazza101]
Special Operations - Specially trained members (coming soon).

Why join us?
  • Friendly members and leaders - we will not put up with bullying or rudeness.
  • We know how to have a good time while playing strategically.
  • We award ranks in-game based on loyalty.
  • We run our own gaming community website, which includes a Teamspeak 3 server and a Minecraft server, we often play other games together.
  • We like to give all of our members a chance to lead squads into combat.
  • Good tactical leadership from the outfit leaders.
  • We are a member of the biggest TR EU alliance! 1000+ soldiers, regular organised operations.

Future Plans
In the future we hope to start official training operations in our outfit for Planetside 2. Outfit members who attend these training operations will be granted membership of our special operations unit.

Everyone is welcome into our outfit, we have only a few requirements.
  • Team player mindset.
  • Mature attitude.
  • Ability to listen to orders on TS3 or through in-game chat.
  • English speaking.
  • Any class of gamer be it a pilot, tank driver or soldier.

Application Link:
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