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Re: Wow. This place really died, eh?

Originally Posted by CyclesMcHurtz View Post
Not entirely true. Just sayin'

Nice to see you around. Keeping yourself busy I would assume. The game plays about as good as it ever has for me, so thanks for that. I got some micro stuttering which made it feel like I was running in sand (and killed mouse movement), oddly only on the Emerald server, when I played the past couple days so... back to work for you!

And yeah, I have to agree ringring, Reddit is the poster child for how not to make a threaded multi user bulletin board. Compared to PhpBB, VBulletin, Lithium, and even Wordpress, navigating Reddit comments leaves a lot to be desired. That said, the Reddit in Motion app I have for my Blackberry is well laid out and easy to use so I use it rather than the website now (for reading, I don't post there - I have/did, but I deleted it as it's not my cup of tea).

Anyhow, are Hamma and the Dragonwolves still around? And I wonder what Balti, Figment, SKYeXile, Mastachief, SuperMorto, Graywolves, EVILPIG... and so many other PSU folks are up to these days.
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