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"African infiltrators threaten the State of Israel"

The parallels I could draw between what this guy is saying and what people used to say about **** is staggering.

There's a difference between enforcing immigration laws, and wanting to deport all Africans and put them into camps and deny them health care and charge anyone who offers them aid.

I am not interested in more conjecture. If you don't have any actual evidence the picture is a fraud then just let it go. As I said, who even cares about this particular photo? There are hundreds of children who've been killed by airstrikes by the IDF, it's not like that picture would be some kind of smoking gun.
And what ? you think the IDF aims for the civillians on purpose?
The only reason civillians get killed is the fact that hamas and other terror organizations hide behind them while firing hundreds of rockets if not thousands.
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