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Yeah, you are right, Israel is perfect, they totally stole the Golan Heights from Syria because it was justified, they totally need to finish the job of wiping out those pesky natives that wanna call themselves Palestinians. Just like America is perfect, American murder and genocide of Native Americans was fine because they were godless savages who didn't understand property rights, and theft of property from Mexico (at gunpoint in Mexico City) was fine because America said it wanted a parallel country.

No sense arguing with someone who is brainwashed by ideology that supports them. You may have a few facts right, but your history of the struggle in the region is very biased and one-sided. I listen to the stories of the victims to learn about what is going on, not from learning the oppressor's ideology and justifications for brutal occupation. I know many Palestinians that still have the key to the lock on the front door of the house they used to live in, some even have photos or other details connecting them with their legitimate homes.

To everybody else, if you ever meet someone who has an oxidized key around their neck, who appears to be of Middle-Eastern descent, ask them about the key. If they turn out to be Palestinian, ask them more. Learn from victims, not oppressors.

This discussion has been a clinic in Zionist defense and deflection against blame for crimes against Palestinians. No more posts from me on this discussion, as you know my stance by now.

One last detail for anyone who cares, I organize with ANSWER Coalition to defend the rights of all oppressed people to self-determination within their own country, as well as fighting to end Apartheid wherever it exists in the world, and that isn't all ANSWER does either. Click the link and read up on Palestine from a different perspective than the Zionist pro-Israel narrative.
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