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Originally Posted by Necronile View Post
Lets also accuse US of war crimes aswell after the shit they did in Iraq...
and believe me that the IDF commanders do care...
last thing they would want is to sit in jail for careless decisions.
Sure, the US is probably guilty of some war crimes fro Iraq. Maybe Falluja, if not the entire war being an illegal war of aggression? The Allies also perpetrated many war crimes in World War 2. Robert McNamara, in The Fog of War, says outright that them firebombing Tokyo and elsewhere and especially deciding to drop the nukes were war crimes, and they'd have been hanged if the war were lost.

IDF commanders aren't going to go to jail. Who's going to charge them? The Israeli courts? Are you kidding? They have nothing to fear. There isn't anything the government wants more than to be rid of the Palestinians. They aren't going to throw their own people to the wolves over a few hundred dead Palestinian children.

Originally Posted by Necronile View Post
Nope...there is nothing for Israel to gain by killing civillians.
Civilian casualties are part of war,sad but true...
and again the only reason civillians are getting killed is beacuse terror organizations like hamas use them as human shields.
What they want is to force the Palestinians into submission. It's why they keep Gaza and the West Bank on the brink of economic collapse indefinitely. They want to make life as shitty as they can without causing a major humanitarian crisis, and that's straight from Wikileaks.

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