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Re: For EU Players: Win a trip to SOE Live

Originally Posted by Hamma View Post
I think they should have just avoided the showdown tbh, and finish off the contest the way it started.
I think health concerns would have stopped them from doing that as it really would have been the competition of he who plays longest. Entry numbers were pretty low i suspect as i didnt play for atleast 5 of the competition days and only a couple of hours on some others with about 3 days of hardcore play towards the end and i qualified 7th.

I think a lot of the anomosity in this thread from the participants come from some self entitled belief that they should have won and because they didn't they rage about anything and everything regardless of relevence to the actual competition some of the participants never stood a chance they simply are not good enough and had the uptake been higher would likely have not qualified. You can seen the TR in the stream complaining in /yell about x y z do you see any of the winners doing this.

I decided within 5minutes that i couldn't outscore some players so i switched to support to do what ever could to help. The NC also spent a couple of hours in sanc discussing how the squad was going to work etc etc, accepting medic revives for example gets you back into the fight quicker and so your xp potential is higher if you are going for kills i supported a max for 90% of the event and still score 6th.

The final format (highest score for the empire) was imo the best way to have run it. Ownership of the biolab should have been neutral but this really had zero impact as the delay to respawn and pop through a teleporter is minimal and again you are only competeing with your own empire. The qualification setup was flawed and imo should have been a system of playing a minimum of 40hours to qualify and the top 12 score per minute in those 14 days qualify

The stream was terrible but it was their first attempt and SOE are improving casting tools.
Average play time of 2.8hours per day and falling.
Average play time of 2.5hours per day and falling. Need metagame.

Average play time of 2.0hours per day and falling. Need metagame / Continents.

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