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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

Originally Posted by Hamma View Post
I didn't mean all vets, btw.
Nah, I know. It's just that I personally been tarred with that brush a lot and it's been used to dismiss so many good ideas and concepts. Seen an outfitmate being ridiculed for bringing up an idea that was in PS1.

He joined the franchise in PS2 in 2012 during Beta. Think he mainly played RTS games, CoD and BF before that next to some RPGs. He simply was interested in the concept and wanted to know the differences in gameplay, so he went into PS1, was impressed by some of the creativity and complex combinations of systems that hadn't been considered in other games (obviously he was NOT impressed by the graphics).

One of the things he really liked was the unique character skills and the teamwork that was obligatory in vehicles. He wasn't too impressed with the PS1 wall design (no roofs), but pointed out how they were at least effective at the lack of jetpacks and thus defendable due to the low amount of chokepoints and good vision. But he mostly liked the bunker base a lot (one of his main pet peeves was, well is, spawncamping prevention), though (like the rest of us) he could see how it'd be a meatgrinder if the amount of players was raised. Which we agreed was mostly a sense of scaling the tunnels appropriately and adding just a few more, larger entrances to the entire complex.

But it only takes a vocal few to turn off devs from feedback about the game.

Ironically they went to Reddit which was probably even worse.
Well, we aren't the only ones with an opinion. I think they just went with the biggest crowd. :/ The feedback from all the (bickering) sources got a bit overkill on some of the devs I think. Had a couple of PM contacts though that seemed to be productive.

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