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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

Originally Posted by Hamma View Post
pointman I find it laughable you think I had any role at all in what happened with PlanetSide 2. I made no decisions on game development and zero decisions on promotion and marketing of the game. I'm willing to put the past behind us if you stop attacking me, I really don't feel like there is any need for that. I watched you make a few constructive posts in the other thread.. no need to come out and attack my thoughts. My blame is on SOE, not on any one community or forum.

You are right in your own mind about the reasons. It doesn't make it the truth.

I believe the game wasn't as successful as it could have been (note: it's not failed nor did it) is due to marketing (again like we saw in PlanetSide 1 last time) and failed focus of the development team and leadership. Not because the AMS doesn't work in a specific way or some random game design decision. The reasons are much more deep seeded and we see the company do these things with just about EVERY game they release. They continue to do the wrong things, invest in the wrong things, and get involved in the wrong deals. Add a bit of bad game design on top of that and it's doomed.

I can tell you one thing, I've already made a decision not to roll with support of another PS game (if there is one) or any other fan site for SOE/DBG. So I'd say that pulls me out of the "fanboy" category. I will keep this site running and occasionally reporting the news when it's big but my work on helping to promote the game are pretty much over.

So I think we are all on the same page - but we are on the same page for different reasons. It's all a matter of perspective, I was never about the nuts and bolts of game design I was always more focused on community and helping to build it and promote it.

I did this the second time around for the love of the community and the memories PlanetSide 1 created for me. The friends I have made and the relationships that will outlast any game.
Context is, why your website is dead. Not the game. The game's problems i mostly blame on Smedley personally.

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