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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

Originally Posted by Hamma View Post
This thread isn't about PSU but I put my heart and soul into this place. An initiative happened at SOE to move to reddit. Look at H1Z1 today they don't even have official forums really. Their participation in this site ended due to a policy decision on their side. Pretty much all of their games now have little Dev participation outside social media networks. I could have offered free candy and/or beer and it wouldn't have changed the outcome of this site.

But I digress this convo has nothing to do with this site. If we want to talk about that I can create another thread... But I really don't have much else to say on it. I've accepted where we are now and I feel like I put in my best effort to make this place awesome.

I'm at peace with it
I know you have Hamma. I can remember back in the lean years this site was still kicking. I have a theory they went with reddit so the SOE employees could get away with perusing other sub-reddits while at work. See their bosses would walk behind them and see reddit and just figure it was job related I don't like reddit. Something about the layout just doesn't work for me but maybe I am in a minority with that.

Also, didn't SOE provide you with additional hardware or funding (I don't recall exactly) to bolster your site for the anticipated increase in traffic?

Funny thing is they always have to explain to the disgruntled players why they don't use official forums like most other games do and it pisses many off. If I were CN I would enforce a policy change in this area and consider reddit a fan site just like PSU. It's an easy opportunity to smooth things over with the playerbase.
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