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Re: APR 16 Game Update

With the 64bit removed again long before any of the prime time players. SOE still can't know what it will do in a stress test.

But, I might have found a way to force the game to run in 64bit thanks to reddit.

I have NOT found ANY posts saying that forcing the game to run in 64bit is allowed or not. Nothing in reddit or the topic I made on the official forums as of yet if this is allowed or not. I have not done this yet but others have and it seems to work from their posts.

More or less you just rename the .exe file (with the launcher running so it wont auto fix it) and the game will run in either 32bit or 64bit depending on what .exe the launcher runs. That's all it takes to get the 64bit running.

But it is still iffy as to if we can do this or not. Bans may happen, they may not. We can't know till we get some official feedback. So if anyone has a contact please pass this on so that some feedback is given.
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