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Re: APR 16 Game Update

Now the lynx is the best smg in the game for the TR! (for light assault and engineer).
Still has less damage/second then the 845 RPM carbines from other factions... But it is good to use!
Cycler TRV is great now! It was already my medic weapon of choice.
t9 carv partial unnerf was welcome! (didn't change much, but this is welcome)
New tmg-50 sound is awesome!
Striker buff is doesn't make it useful again.
Harasser buff was not tested to me, the two times I got it, I died to mines.

The minigun is a new weapon that I can't say it is useful:
It is recoiless, the CoF increases almost nothing on all stances, fixed in some of them.
Crouching doesn't decrease CoF.
Aiming decrease CoF in almost nothing.
You can no longer hit long range targets with it.
It is spray and pray weapon!
The new attachment is nice, but with a spray and pray I think I will keep my extended mags.
Maybe it is the end of the minigun, maybe we will find some use for it.

Engineer turret nerf is awesome, your tank no longer die for no reason from ghost damage! But I think the range is lower then 450m, probably 400m (acceleration time).

VS snipers with straight pull attachments everywhere!

Vanguards with shields dying everywhere is awesome!

97% freeze loading

PS: my game still runs in 32 bits.

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