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Re: Is nobody else depressed about having 3 factions again? Wouldn't 0, 2,or 4 be bet

Originally Posted by CutterJohn View Post
3 is necessary, since if one gets too big for its britches they will become the common enemy of the other two empires. If there is only 2, and one gains an upper hand, there is nobody else to oppose them, and they maintain this upper hand.
This is what we call a stale mate. This is what I'd like to avoid. At least... make it a bit harder or longer before the big guy can be broken by the little ones.

Right now with 3 factions, one guy gets too strong... takes one or two bases... then gets stomped back to where he started. Its just too easy to make that temporary alliance.

If we had 4+ factions like eve. At least it would take some strategy on the part of the little guys to temporarily get together and make a coordinated strike against a larger enemy.

Originally Posted by Vancha View Post
Three's certainly better than two. Just look at the faction imbalance on some of the WoW servers. Having three sides actually equates to a better balance.

I don't think I'd be opposed to four, though I could see a lot of the conservative PS players rejecting it.
I'll agree that 2 factions would be out of the question. Since there would be no way for the losing faction to ever make a come back. Playing the rebel underdog is fun... but not if you don't stand a chance.

Originally Posted by Bruttal View Post
Well am just gonna say, I understand the need for an odd number of empires the devs have explained it so many times there purple in the face

Originally Posted by basti View Post
You obviously didnt think this one throu really:

2 factions: always a stalemate. Breaking out of it is almost impossible.

3: If a stalemate develops between 2 factions, the third one is just going to screw everything up. In fact, the entire war balances itself, with the strongest faction being the target of the other two until one of those weaker two becomes the new strongest faction. It works perfectly, in so many games.

4+ factions: At this point, it starts to become a clusterfuck. Fights would be completly unpredictable, and every now and then 3 factions would fight against one, making that one loosing left and right pretty fast. Besides that, more factions means less players per faction.

3 is the perfect number, always has and always will be.

2: I now agree that 2 factions would be bad.

3: What other games? And don't list Star Craft. Because that is not a persistent world. Yes it works well for balancing (rock paper scissors style) the three sides, but I'm not talking 'strength balance' I'm talking "battlefront balance". I'd like to see an example of a three faction system in a persistent world. But even if you show me a three faction system in a persistent world that works... I'll always look at Planetside and see a three faction system that ended up being a worldwide stalemate.

4: Apparently you never played Eve


Trust me. I want to like the three faction system. I just need someone to help me see how we won't devolve into what Planetside is right now?

Also, nobody has mentioned making the world more like Eve. Thoughts on that?

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