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Vehicle Animations

The animations for all the guns in this game are really good. From replacing a clip to chambering a round, it's something you don't even really take notice of normally because it's conducive to the flow of the game and promotes complete immersion in the world.

This effect is thrown off completely when driving a Flash or Sunderer. It's jarring. If there has to be a first person view for these vehicles, why not make the animations consistent with the quality of the rest?

Not only do the Flash's handlebars turn by themselves, but there are literally 3 frames of animation for them. Left, Middle, Right. If I can see my hands on my gun, why can't I see my hands on my handlebars? Can you imagine what it would look like if all the gun animations were treated the same way?

Same thing with the Sunderer, except the Sunderer's steering wheel doesn't turn at all. It's just a single, stagnant picture of a cockpit.

I understand this is a Free to Play model and certain things are supposed to be overlooked, but how do they have time to program "particle turbulence", which most people can't even see...when the basic animations aren't even complete yet?

P.S. - This does not imply that I don't like particle turbulence. I do.
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