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Re: Three long overlooked problems with this game.

I like the idea of drop pods a lot, but they are so powerful in terms of achieving superior positioning they really shouldn't be something you can just rain on a base willy nilly.

What I would really like to see for squads would be an orbital support system that basically works by looking at all the kill XP the squad earns (base XP, no further advantages for premium) to fill up an orbital support pool for that squad. When it maxes out you can call for pod drops, bombardment, supply drops etc, but you need to earn these options by fighting.

That way if you just make a squad of 2 people they might be able to earn orbital support every once in a while, but making a full squad is much more desirable because it earns orbital support more often. It also means that if you're just spawncamping a hand full of guys you're not going to earn orbital support very quickly, while if you're in a huge battle you'll get the support much more often - which is consistent with how a military organization would allot limited support to its troops - the people in the thick of the action get priority.
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