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Re: Cont Lock finally?

Originally Posted by Stanis View Post
I hope at some point for an engineer class revamp.
In which we get the option to deploy a minefield and deny area.

In a way mines are missing their actual purpose massively. It shouldn't be about sneaky traps on a vehicle pad or getting one in position.

It's supposed to be about shutting down a section of road until clear.
It's like most static defences : missing the point.
I've argued that a mine-field ability is best suited for Flash gameplay in my Flash Revamp thread:

As for Anti-infantry minefield, it has to be an AI mine sidegrade, that doesn't encroach on other grenade/C4 abilities, or else it becomes a grenade/c4 upgrade instead of a sidegrade. Imagine players thrwoing/dropping this in a cluster of players.

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post


Special Flash Abilites - The Flash need more special abilities.

Sidegrade: Flash Shield Ball - Using the F key
- covers the Flash in a ball of shield that can absorb a fixed amount of damage for 5 seconds.
- The Flash cannot shoot while in this state and cannot roadkill players (just pushes them with no damage)
- The Flash cannot shoot for 5 seconds after the shield wears off (to prevent it from being abused).
- This would act as an escape mechanism, nothing more.

Sidegrade: Scatter Mini-Mine Field (damage) - Again using the F key scatters tiny mines (6-8) around the Flash
- Can be activated at any time.
- The mines would be invisible to enemies.
- 1 minefield active per Flash. Has 3 charges (can be reloaded) with 3-5 minute cooldown per use (so it's not spammable).
- The damages will be small but enough to injure Tanks/Harassers/Sundies
- Activated only by vehicles and will not hurt infantry, just their shields.
- Perfect for laying traps on advancing vehicle columns and eluding vehicles in pursuits
- Dropping them behind tanks is also good if they try to back away.

Sidegrade: Scatter Mini-Mine Field (disable)
- Similar to above but the mines will disable/slow the vehicle for 5-10 seconds
- Will not damage the vehicle.
- The more times it has been hit, the slower it becomes.
- Again, a different means for trapping attacking vehicles, making them vulnerable to allies.
- Also good for escaping.

Sidegrade: Tank/Harasser Jammer
- Weapon will be mounted in the Primary weapon slot
- Maintain lock on target vehicle up to 10 seconds
- Cooldown 1-1:30 minutes.
- Vehicle cannot fire when being jammed
- Not applicable to deployed Sunderers.

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