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Re: Lasher, Jackhammer and MCG.

Originally Posted by cryosin View Post
The problem with the Lasher is that it is simply a worse MCG.

It has a longer TTK, more recoil, slower rate of fire and you basically cant strafe and shoot the thing unless you're point blank.
This isn't true for rexos, only agiles. Against agile I can't remember the exact numbers but MCG should have a slightly lower TTK if it's not near identical (7mcg shots vs 4 lasher shots iirc). And against rexo the TTK for lasher is 1.0s, and for MCG 1.33s.

The lasher has just always had problems with hit detection since the changes, and with all the lag that has continuously build up or been added by SOE via server moves and loggin, it just kept getting worse to the point where it feels like the MCG has a shorter TTK because it's less impacted by the lag (even though it still normally takes 2-3x as much shots as it should to kill someone with it now)
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