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Specialized Bonuses for Squads and/or Platoons

The experience bonuses from PS1 were a step in the right direction, and I would like see them return to squads in PS2. Squad experience sharing is great, I want to see more bonuses for close teamwork between squad members: including proximity, assist damage, spotting, supporting, and more.

I want the addition of active and passive leadership bonuses for squad and platoon leaders. Specialized options to surprise the enemy and turn the battle in your favor.

Squad leaders could choose short duration reactionary bonuses such as instant heals, repairs, temporary speed boosts, damage, reload, boosts to support speeds, ammunition replenishment, and more. Some bonuses could be empire specific, like firing speed for TR, damage for NC, auto-targeting or intel for VS.

Platoon leaders could dole out specific passive bonuses to each squad, reducing costs, increasing health, damage bonuses for or against certain classes, armors, ranges of engagement, and much, much more. There should be lots of possibilities to promote player choice and specialization.

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