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Re: Squads and Platoons, Specialized Bonuses

I think you and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum a lot

I like what you're thinking and it sounds really nice, on paper. But you have to remember, especially as this will game will be an ftp model (and if you remember even from PS1, which was subscription) a majority of the players will fit into the "zerg model" of gameplay. On top of that, gamers are notorious for being the ones who want to "lead" everybody else. When your only connection with individuals is through a virtual world (Planetside 2 via the interbuttz) it can really quickly turn into too many chiefs, not enough indians, if you'll pardon the metaphor. Rare is the player who says "I am concerned with direct leadership and want to obey orders, and not be in charge." More likely you're either going to get the players who want to be squad leaders and platoon leaders, or they just want to go shoot at stuff and don't care about the leadership portion.

I'd also say be careful about the player-created restrictions (what you mentioned about squad leaders). The devs are doing a great job with the concept of the mission system; provides an incentive for the zerg type players (in the form of bonus xp and/or resources -- a reward) to "follow orders," but still in their own way (if the orders are "capture this base" they do it with airships, tanks, infil, engi, whatever their play style -- nothing is being dictated to them about it). Anything that is a negative in the game that doesn't have a purpose for making the game better for everybody on the whole (i.e. there is no magical invincible pony; read: BFR) is generally not a good idea and will detract from the overall game. The BFR, as exampled above, is largely cited as the main reason that Planetside "failed." It created a bunch of negatives in the form that players who did NOT have a BFR were at a decided disadvantage, no matter what other weapon system they chose. In contrast, somebody who flew a reaver had a very good advantage over tanks, but if they ran into a skyguard or a good mosquito pilot they were going to be hurting -- balanced, rock paper scissors style. I know this sounds off topic, but the point is that the BFR became a negative for everybody who didn't have a BFR, and this detracted from the overall experience of the game. Putting in a negative will always detract from the game in some certain way, and nobody really benefits (i.e. skyguard vs. reaver) from having squad-created restrictions.

Good leadership does not come from use of force, it comes from sound leadership practices. Planetside 2 should not be about funneling the "zerg" into doing exactly what you want to them to do. It will turn the game into a massive map with BF3/MW3 levels of players. Not a good thing.
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