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Re: Squads and Platoons, Specialized Bonuses

Sorry to ghost edit on you there saifoda, I revised this thread to focus on my ideas for squad bonuses, I'll be taking squad size arguments to the other thread.

And, yeah, that BFR thing is quite off topic, talking about squads and platoons here.

I don't want to restrict squads at all, I want to offer them more options, especially for outfits that enjoy utilizing specialized strategy.

The idea is to provide additional benefits and features for squads to use, to promote more squad team-play and less zerg.

Don't get me wrong, I understand zerging will still happen, you'll still get those players that just want to jump into the battle, join a squad for the exp share, and start turning things into swiss cheese. But he'd have a much larger incentive to stick with his squad if he was getting additional benefits and bonuses from it.

I want to create incentives for better team-play, not overpowered such that you're useless without them, but with enough gravity to give smart, tactical squads an advantage in the fight.

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