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yeah i dont know about streaming planetside 2. Im stuck with a laptop at the moment. It has a nice processor but from the looks of things im ganna need all the juice i can get for planetside 2 =/. The graphics card is an ATI Mobility HD 6370. Has a horrribleeeeeeeee time with lighting / shadows. Seems to revert to using software to render shadows. Which kills my fps to a point of being unplayable for fps standards. Hopefully i'll be able to get that new computer before planetside 2 (Got a new job just this past week so its a good possibility!) but i wouldnt bet on it. However, i can stream easily for ps1. Counting i remember to unmute my mic... (again im sorry morto! xD)
oh i hear ya man, i had a similar laptop before. If you get another one and you dont get somethin with discrete graphics, check out the AMD Fusion (llano) chips. I have one in a super cheap laptop i got a few weeks before christmas and its got the AMD 6620 chipset built in. While not uber, it runs most any game at pretty sweet graphics levels. You prob wont be able to fraps and play in a big battle at the same time with great FPSes but its insanely good considering its sub 500 price point. Put it this way, it will run it at very least every bit as good as an XBox/PS3 would.

Honestly i got this to use with my telescope and just threw on some games to see if they would run for fun, and it handled everything i threw at it no problem, far better than i ever thought it would. I'm very impressed.
Waiting for the return of the superior, real PS style teamwork oriented vehicles with drivers not gunning, and in fixed vehicle slots so we can once again have real, epic, vehicle battles where the tanks actually move in combat rather than a silly 1700's era line up and shoot.
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