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Originally Posted by Runlikethewind View Post
If this is true then you should have known the OS's where coming as they are a part of the game and should have had a counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter strategy in place. Like maybe wait outside the base for the OS to go off then come in and attack them from behind as they all run down the backdoor into the base or something.

And did anyone else notice how all the examples in the OP where missing the most important strategic element in PS1, that is A SQUAD? You're complaining about tactics and your trying to defend a backdoor all by yourself? Really?
A) There is no counter tactic to pushing the button.

B) It was an EMP OS which took out my deployables, and it completely destroyed the delaying tactic.

C) In real war defensive fortifications requires less soldiers to defend an area. That's what defense is all about.

Originally Posted by SixShooter View Post
Wow man, you're starting a lot of angry threads today that are all pretty much about the same thing Have you even seen how squad spawning works? It's not like BF3 where they just appear, you can see the drop pods from a mile away and it takes a decent amount of time to hit the ground. Also, the cooldown timer before you can do it again is pretty long so if you die right after squad spawning you'll have to find a hard spawn point.

I know you like to use the term "dumbing it down" alot but maybe you should play the game before you freak out about it. Just a suggestion man
So what if you can spot them a mile away, you could also spot someone a mile away in BF2142 but that didn't matter.

So what if there's a cooldown timer, how did the cooldown timer work out with OS? Not very good since everyone and their pet hamster had one.
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