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The Beginning of the End of the Republican Party?

In Tampa, six states filed to nominate Ron Paul 1 hour before nominations were officially announced. The result was a last minute rule change to eight states being required instead of five, just in case a seventh showed up. Ron Paul was already denied a speaking role due to his unwillingness to endorse Mitt Romney and submit to an approved speech.

While the treatment of Ron Paul may seem like a minor annoyance to the Romney camp, Paul is what he needed to beat Obama. This is Barry's election to lose now.

But what does this mean for the future of the Republican Party? Well for starters, the RNC completely alienated their younger support. When the old hats die off, and the liberty base become more mainstream, the Republican Party won't be able to wrangle control back into the hands of tradition.

As soon as 2016, we may have a triad party system as the liberty base, Tea Party, and 'Paulbots' abandon the Republicans for good. Which will be better for everyone, because it would similarly declaw the caustic Democratic Party as well. The Occupiers are no doubt unhappy with the Dems unwillingness to deal with their issues.

Freedom and Prosperity lost in Tampa, but what we won may be worth the setback. We won the knowledge of the failure of the establishment's ability to silence us. We own the defeat and will be forged stronger than before.

Thank you Nevada, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon, Alaska, and the Virgin Islands for standing up against the machine.
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