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Re: The Beginning of the End of the Republican Party?

Originally Posted by Baneblade View Post
In Tampa, six states filed to nominate Ron Paul 1 hour before nominations were officially announced. The result was a last minute rule change to eight states being required instead of five, just in case a seventh showed up.

"But it's not a final selection debate, it's just a propganda show and we got an hour of advertising time where we can't have internal struggles at the last minute!"


Slightly true they can't afford the split, but, at the same time, it's the death of free speech within the party. If you have rules and you're going to change those rules if it doesn't suit you, then you're not just a bunch of soor arse losers if someone plays by the rules, you're unsuitable to lead a country.

But hey, that is pretty much how the Republican Party deals with diplomacy and state affairs in general: don't like it, change the rules, bribe people, (threaten to) invade foreign nations (even hypothetically invading allies with the The Hague Act) and generally screw over anyone that doesn't dance to their tune. So yeah.

Why would one vote Republican? Are these your norms and values? You've won the Bush elections before through fraud.

Meanwhile, some committee members suggested meddling was at play. A bus full of Virginia delegates arrived at the committee meeting - after it had adjourned.

"The bus that was supposed to pick up the Virginia delegation arrived an hour later than it was supposed to," explained Virginia delegate Morton Blackwell, a prime opponent of Rule 16.

Blackwell continued: "And then when we went downtown, we went around the same series of blocks repeatedly – twice. And then the bus took out away from downtown, went about a mile and a half, and then did a u-turn and came back. And did another circuit, of the same place where we had been before. And at that point, the Virginia delegates demanded, 'Stop the bus. And we're going to walk.' And we did."

Mike Rothfeld, a Virginia delegate also on the bus, went further.

"They pushed us around for 45 minutes and then we missed the meeting," Rothfeld said.

"We were in the security perimeter, they pushed us out of it three separate times. They moved us around until the meeting was adjourned."

Sebern claimed the snafu was "deliberate."

Neither she nor the others recalling the story would say who they were directing their anger at. And none could provide proof to back up their claims.

I mean. LOL. Putin tactics. Sorry to say, but rigging votings is truly a Republican thing. Just look over any voting scandals in the US over the past 20 years. It's almost always the Republicans. Almost, since it seems to become a nationwide thing in your country to just rig votes.

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