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Re: The Beginning of the End of the Republican Party?

Originally Posted by Baneblade View Post
According to the Democrats, election fraud doesn't exist.
I know you're joking probably, but I just talked to a Republican Tea Party member that said this to me. "Without strict voter ID election fraud by the liberals will steal the election! They just go and vote for other people!" My friend and I had to calmly explain that democrats are actually not against voter ID just it's pointless implementation. Pulled up statistics for it and he was like "oh, I heard it was much higher". (He listens to conservative talk radio and reads nothing but tea party propaganda).

It really makes me a bit dissapointed how many lies are filling up the election this year. They seem to always be there, but what with the VP speech recently and other republicans like Akin and such and Romney it's becoming ridiculous and corrosive to the right's whole thinking. Especially those who are quoting it all as facts.

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