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Re: The Beginning of the End of the Republican Party?

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
If you have a working vote system and administration of deaths, the voter registry upon someone waving the ticket at the ballot office. Meaning it should be impossible to do so unless your government doesn't properly apply census checks.
I wont deny we have many different issues with the voter sysetm. voter fraud is one of them. We have the federal govenment trying to stop the voter registry from being purged of non-citizens and dead people.....why? becauase it's racist? ....

It's not a big deal to show up with a valid ID. IF you somehow dont have one, you can get one for free if not very cheap. I dont have an issue with it, my son who is not able to get a valid id right now due to his biological father messing shit up, so its gonna take a grand to get his valid id. We both still think having one is required for voting. Living in Tn.
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