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Re: Reality check -- playing PS1 for the past three days

Can only concur with Elcyco about how really bad PS1 shooting is. Missing something is very hard to achieve, due to how slow your target is going, and the size of the hitbox you need to hit, @100m, it feels like you're shooting a pee-shooter, and at close range, wielding a HA, seeing the TTK differences and mag capacity, is basically a I WIN button.
The way to override the MA/HA difference is through grenades, adding to the overall spam, or through external items like PS.
Or you can rape the netcode to induce warp, ofc....
You don't need to actually aim, as long as your reticle is roughly overall target body, you're good to go.

I'm not advocating for too short TTK à la BF3, more BF2142 or QuakeWars things, or even smtg like 30% longer than that.
But what is desesperatly needed :
* faster infantry movement
* locational damage rewarding headshots
* less extreme damage degradation
* precise weapons rewarding precision shooting

Q : is BF2142 still somewhate alive, so that I reinstall and test it to compare?

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