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Re: Reality check -- playing PS1 for the past three days

Originally Posted by Rivenshield View Post
It's been a blast, .... nostalgia....

1) Fuck BFR's. Fuck them in the ear. I'd forgotten how badly I hate them. They have mobility, overwhelming firepower, and are impossibly freaking hard to kill. Ditto on the Galaxy gunship.........

2) It is exasperatingly difficult to get gunners, even when you broadcast hey, Raider loading up at the front door, hop in ............

3) The new system of forgiving grief will be a blessing -- particularly those of

4) Whatever resource system they come up with needs to be simple and comprehensible, because I can't understand what mods give you ....

5) The time to kill with handheld weapons against other infantry in PS1 seems to be just right. I....

6) The TTK for most ground vehicles is far too long. I remember the Decimator before it got nerfed, and it was a good anti-armor weapon. Now it's an armor-annoyance weapon that I haven't scored a single kill .....

7) I still get completely disoriented and run around for fruitless frustrating minutes trying to find things like the vehicle pad or the gen room. These new big giant bases better have a user-friendly map you can bring up in your HUD, with everything clearly labeled.

8) I'd forgotten how much fun being a cloaker was.,,,,

9) Despite my grousing about their foot-zerging habits, my beloved TR is much as I remember it. They demonstrably lay more mines, pull more AMS's, do more ANT runs, and fix/heal/help each other more than our enemies do. If we can preserve that Psychotic Combat Engineer corporate culture when we transition to PS2, I'll be well content.

Anyone else been playing, rediscovering old loves and ancient frustrations, and pondered what they portend for PS2? And of our hopes and fears for it?
1. I kinda don't agree with you, I have no particular love of BFR's and I really hate piloting or gunning one .... but, they're not particularly hard to kill ... and.. they are bullet magnets.

2. I never ever do that .... only use outfit mates as gunners...

3. What system of forgiving grief, the ast I heard grief in PS2 will be as PS1?

4. Hmm, I thought it was pretty straight-forward.

5. I agree with you. It will be interesting in beta with a lower ttk plus a lot of people filling the air with lead at the same time.

6. I think it's just fine, I get vehicle kills but rarely when it's only me firing, that's as it should be imho

7. Yes .... ease of orientation, it was one of the reasons that people didn't like caves.

Recent days has seen a big jump in the activity of my outfit and I'm loving it.

Originally Posted by Canaris View Post
I can see you never tried out the TR Navy tactic, a platoon rocking the Raiders can be an extremely devastating team, hell we even smashed a larger force of Magriders the supposed kings of the waves and scared off/blew up everything that was thrown at us. Raiders rule!
They do indeed., My favourite outfit event used to be raiders.
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