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Re: Reality check -- playing PS1 for the past three days

Honestly, I can't play for more than an hour or two before I get too frustrated to play. Most of that is because I can't hit the broad side of a barn (I can't kill anybody 1v1 and K/D is around 1/2), but I remember thinking fondly of how much a meatgrinder the base assaults were and how you could be fighting in the same staircase for 15 mins or more, and thinking how epic that was. Now I can't stand it at all; spending a minute with spawn time and running to the staircase to get raped by grenades and maelstrom spam is not fun anymore. I am glad the PS2 bases are more open and aren't as claustrophobic as the PS1 ones, and I hope that you can consistently get a clear shot even during the heaviest base assaults.

I've also done some cave fighting and it's fun to remember how absolutely broken VS maxes are in there for a small-scale cave fight. Hey, I'm getting attacked...time to fly up on a roof where no one can shoot me. Oh, they're hacking the CC...time to drop off the roof and kill them while they're hacking. Being able to boomer the end of a zipline is pretty cheap as well (oh, look, here comes the big glowing ball! *CLICK*), but that can be worked around. I liked the concept of cave fighting and using your knowledge of ziplines to come at people from areas they don't expect, but travel time is an even bigger deal in that place and every death is so time consuming. Also, the cycler really sucks; I snuck up and emptied almost an entire clip into the back of a REXO and he was still able to turn around and get a shot into me. I eventually went back to MCG and completely gave up any long-range capability just so I could at least do some damage in close range before dying.
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