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Re: Reality check -- playing PS1 for the past three days

My biggest revelation:

Planetside 1 is still a lot of fun for me, as long as the populations are decent.

I tried playing the game a few months back and couldn't stand it. Admittedly I wasn't playing during peak hours, but that never used to be a problem back in the day. There was always at least a few decent fights 24/7.

I thought the problem had been that the game had aged terribly, and that low populations only compounded it, but the amount of fun I had in the short time I played yesterday proved to me that the scale and massive number of players are the most important element of the game, at least for my personal enjoyment.

There are tons of flaws that I hate about the original Planetside, but there is so much to love as well. I really strongly feel that even if PS2 completely screws up on a lot of things, that it will still be a lot of fun as long as the scale and team work are there.

But personally, I think that PS2 will fix a lot more issues than it will create.

So here's to Planetside. One of the best games I've ever played despite having some huge flaws. July 1st and the surrounding days are going to be a lot of fun.
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