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Re: Reality check -- playing PS1 for the past three days

Originally Posted by Pillar of Armor View Post
There was a bunch of discussion on other threads about the "skill" involved in using the FPS mechanics in PS1 with retical bloom and whatnot... At first I thought Yeah! Skill! Then I played PS1 the last two nights and realized... Pffff, you can "control" bloom all you want in PS1, but I'm just gonna murder your face by spam dancing you to death... There's noooo skill in PS1 fighting, it is a pure spamfest and nothing less. If anyone can prove me wrong with a good vid, i will change this post, but otherwise I'll cya in game and I will be spam dance killing you and your squad while you lol pace your shots.
Gun play is going to be fantastic in PS2. I can't wait to play Planetside: Better Infantry Battles Edition

Despite being so simplistic, I'm kind of surprised how much I still enjoyed flying a Reaver and Mosquito. No wonder I stayed in the skies so much when I used to play. I can't wait to fly with PS2's improved flight physics though, that's just going to be amazing.

I'm very glad to get this refresher opportunity on what Planetside is like, under proper large scale conditions. It will be very helpful going into beta to have fresh in mind both what worked in Planetside, as well as what didn't.

By the ways, am I remembering wrong, or did the net code used to be less shitty on distant targets? I didn't have too much problem yesterday at short ranges, but I couldn't believe how much people were warping around when I was trying to pick them off of the walls of Gunuku.
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