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Re: [PSA] What are your top 3 bases or outposts in PlanetSide 2?

Originally Posted by BlaxicanX View Post
Biolabs are the least interesting place to fight in the entire game. The complete and utter lack of options attackers have dooms every biolab fight to be a one-dimensional war of attrition. Attackers flood the teleportation rooms and landing pads with infantry, throw them at the front door for 30 minutes until one side gives up. There's no strategy, no real variables. All it takes to win or lose a biolab is just willpower.

lmao ok,,, maybe they should just remove the dome, and let armor and air spam the points and the spawn room so we can see real tactics unfold.....Right??? cause thats not what happens at every single base in this game???? 10 aircraft + 20 tanks shooting buildings and spawn rooms....Thing is, if you had half a clue you would know i was right.....

How many changes have they made to the bio labs and why? i think it was 2 updates and a few patches. that was to improve battle flow and add more cover....Thats all ,Bio labs are the most vanilla bases in the game, because they were done right!!!!!!!

Have you payed since beta? Do you remember all the bs post about OP armor,OP air,OP AA,OP AV, Nerf this , nerf that, buff this ,buff that, back and forth nonstop......I tell ya something , there was nothing wrong with armor or air, ever..... it should fing destroy infantry ,and be OP... But all these revamps and patches didnt change the fact that the base designs were awful......That was the root of the problem... then all that bs stopped, then came the revamps, all bases and outpost were done over, more walls,higher walls, more cover, more spawns, less windows, less doors, they even got wise on a few and moved them underground. and on PTS there were even domes they were going to put over bases. BECAUSE THEY KNEW THE BASE DESIGNS WERE BAD.

1000s of man hours wasted, and alot of resources and time gone.
Think about this, if they would have approached each base like they did with the bio labs, made them defensible. there would have been no need to waste all that time and money trying to fix those broken bases .And you know what that means right??? more content, more continents, continental lattice , meta, A FINISHED GAME... lmao its like were all still in beta, this isnt planetside, its a massive death match with no purpose.

PS try running with a good outfit, and youll see some crazy shittt unfold in a biolab.they are a tough nut to crack, but a good outfit will walk all over everyone in a bio lab

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