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Re: My in progress build.

I would suggest getting a $170ish mobo instead of the sabertooth.

Do you plan on using 750W of power? If not go with 600W as you can get a quality unit for around $75.

RAM wise I would suggest keeping with 2x4GB as thats plenty for probably even the next 4 years. I don't think its worth the extra $80 unless you are making use of it somehow.

You can use those now spare funds to get a better video card. The GTX 670 should be out late April or early May. Right around the time the 3570K will be released. That will make your system a lot better then using a lowly GTX 560 Ti by comparison. You could even use your GTX 260 as a holdover till its release.

The HDD plan sounds like a good given how bad prices are atm.
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