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Re: My in progress build.

Originally Posted by Ailos View Post
I concur with the card recommendation. PS2 isn't out yet either, so there shouldn't be too much to worry about with using the 260 until more of the 600 lineup comes out. And at that point, the prices will also solidify a little better all around the market.

If you're really intending on using the 260 as the dedicated PhysX card, you shouldn't rule out AMD cards either. And whatever your eventual video set up is, I'd actually advise with staying with the higher rating of 750W supply. It won't actually use significantly more power than a 600W if your 'puter doesn't need it, but you risk running into a brownout situation in the future if you do decide to have a dedicated PhysX card on top of your RAID and SSD setup. Obviously it is more expensive, but I think the flexibility it affords you is worth it.
I'm kind of nervous about using the 260 as a hold over because of how it's been preforming with more recent games. That said, I might be able to pick up a second 260 off ebay for dirt cheap. Might be a better option than going with the 560 ti.
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