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Re: Best / Worst - Rate Weapons and Vehicles

1. Pulsar - After the CoF balance pass, I prefer this in most scenarios.
2. Gauss - At long range or at altitude, like in the caves, is the only place I prefer this over the Pulsar.
3. Cycler - Don't like this at all, feels inferior.

1. Lancer - No lock-on notifications, takes some getting used to but fastest damage output of the three.
2. Phoenix - Can fire in non-conventional patters, around doors, out of buildings, etc
3. Striker - Better for new players but once you've got the firing down there's no reason not to switch to a lancer. However, best if you have large numbers outside in an open area, like Cyssor.

Main Battle Tanks
1. Magrider - Direct LOS shooting; great AA capabilities due to that.
- Can also avoid bridge choke points
2. Vanguard - Hits hard, loads of armor
3. Prowler - Sports all of the Vanguard's qualities but is a huge target and requires a second gunner for AA.

1.Thunderer - One-shot-kills on infantry and really good damage on vehicles. And you get two of the guns!
2. Raider - Requires 4 gunners and loads of coordination but can shred any target with ease.
3. Aurora - Only really good against infantry - but is best of the three against infantry. Against air and ground vehicles it is inferior.

1. Thresher - Hovers, has highest speed, best maneuverability, good damage once you learn how to shoot.
2. Enforcer - Heavy damage against everything, beefy armor, I prefer this buggy. It's really the only one that's effective in columns.
3. Marauder - Main gun just doesn't feel like it does enough damage. It's just an upgraded Harasser, really. Great for clearing out CE and being a pest but otherwise I'd choose the other two.
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