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Re: Best / Worst - Rate Weapons and Vehicles

1. Repeater
2. Beamer
3. Scat-pistol
Beamer isn't that bad since a few years now

1. MCG
2. Jackhammer
3. Lasher
MCG ability to use X-fire effectively makes it unmatched.

1. Pulsar
2. Gauss
3. Cycler
Pulsar has been on top for years, imho. It was already the best ESMA for strafe-fighting years ago. Apparently there has been a recent upgrade? Not heard of the recent changes (recent == less than 4 years old, for me )

1. Lancer
2. Phoenix
3. Striker
Like many VS weapon, Lancer stacks ideally and make a group of lancer an incredible DPS machine. Penix, though, is ideal indoor and vs MAX. I don't think I have more than 1 fav with deci in it on my NC toon.
No comment on Stryker. I already feel the "beep beep beep" dizzyness coming back just thinking about this thing.

AI Max
1. Scattercannon
1. Quasar
1. Dual-Cycler
No clue, never been good enough in a AI MAX

AV Max
1. Comet
2. Pounder
3. Falcon
Jumpjet, end of story. Pounder raw damage is exhilerating (sp?), until you realise you're locked down and have a lancer in you ass or a penix spamming you

AA Max
1. Burster
2. Starfire
3. Sparrow
I've put my personnal "fun to use" preference here. The SF is probably technically better, though the burster is really, really a beast. Raw DPS without warning == win. A SF, and even more a Sparrow, will often make the ennemy flee. A burster will kill him.

1. Magrider
2. Prowler
3. Vanguard
Magrider winning hands down, probably because it's the one I'm by far the most used to drive, because water is your friend, because you shoot straight.... well, many reasons. Prowler seconds (and there everyone gets "WTF??"), mainly because I've never been able to like the VG for some strange reason, I can't put my finger on it.... Prowler main gun DPS is insane, the killer for this baby is its agility (or total lack of) and engine power. Pain to drive, accelerates like an old bitch after a night of work, gets stopped by any bump in the terrain. But the 2 100mm are awesome.

Deli variants
1. Thunderer
2. Raider
3. Aurora
Thunderer. The magrider on steroids, though I find it harder to reliably hit than maggy main gun.

1. Thresher
2. Enforcer
3. Marauder
I'm mainly a driver, so Thresher 1st. You go fast, you strafe, you jump everywhere. Fun.
Enfo does the job.
Marauder, well.... 3 crew
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