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Re: Best / Worst - Rate Weapons and Vehicles

1 - Jackhammer: Average players face roll, great players are unstoppable.
2 - MCG: Not too far behind the JH, but close quarters JH is overall better.
3 - Lasher: I've said it before and i'll say it again, it's the best indoor weapon for VS but far worse than the other three.

1 - Phoenix: Hiding behind a tree and shooting a powerful rocket... ya its balanced... or something.
2 - Lancer: Very powerful in skilled hands. The range really makes this weapon shine.
3 - Striker: It's very good, but not as good as the other two. Still a very potent weapon though.

1 - Magrider: Even though it's terrible against infantry, the Magrider is simply a powerhouse when piloted by skilled players.
2 - Prowler: Very close to the Mag. A fully manned prowler is a force to be reckoned with.
3 - Vanguard: Although the vanguard just mows down infantry, it doesn't feel as intimidating as the other two. Still a great tank though.

1 - VS Comet MAX: King of the AV MAX's. You moon bounce around, lay dots on foes and 4 shot other MAX's. My fav. MAX over-all.
2 - TR Pounder: Nothing holds a corridor down like a pounder MAX. I've seen these decimate vehicles as well.
3 - NC Rocket MAX: An NC weapon that requires aiming and skill? This cannot be! This MAX is great, but since NC are so used to running around ka-skilling everything in sight, actually aiming and leading in with rockets is far too hard for them.

1 - Ka-skill max(Scatmax): You walk into a room and press your mouse 1 button and everything dies. I guess that's balanced, or something.
2 - TR Dual Chainguns MAX: Solid AI MAX. Great ROF and can easily land a few kills.
3 - VS Quasar MAX: Okay, so... the TTK on this MAX is so bad that its hard to believe its an AI MAX. It can fly, except your COF(cone of fire) is all over the place when doing so. Don't get me wrong, its still a super scary AI MAX, but its definitely not as powerful as the other two.

Medium Assault
- I actually feel thie Medium assaults are very well balanced. I love fighting on Oshur, since it feels as if I'm playing a more balanced game. Too bad the other empire's don't like abandoning their overpowered HA's.
1 - Pulsar: I've grown to love it. Its got a nice 5 shot burst before its COF gets too bad and you can use it on the move very well. Great medium range/assault weapon.
2 - Cycler: Its like a mini-mini chain gun! You just run like a madman and spray. Basically an overpowered suppressor if you ask me. I love the reload sound too for some reason.
3 - Gauss Rifle: When crouched, the gauss rifle just melts people. However it's not the best on the move weapon. It still feels very finely tuned with the other HA's though. I think the Gauss rifle is the worst close up, but the best far away.

Medium Assaults are really down to the wire. They can all be interchangeable too depending on the situation.
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