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Re: 10 Hours Maintenance Downtime? Perhaps something big?

Nice one desertstorm lol. I bet they've got some hefty server clusters running things back there. More like adding 2TB RAM lol. It seems to me they just cant handle the player numbers on PS1 now lots of the vets have come back. They've probably scaled down the server capability over the years due to the drop in player numbers. The ping time to EU has also been appawling this week.
I believe 10hrs downtime = 17:30 GMT will be back up.

I'm hoping they've taken down the systems to fork in a new/revised launchpad and login systems for Planetside2 beta testers.
Anyone seen any hints or comments from the devs what the downtime is for. The SOE Dev desciprtion is completely generic, which is odd for them.
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