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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

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Leader from TXR here.

We had a killer time in our Community Clash battle against NNG and TGWW. We were amazed by the skill shown by the enemy air squads that clearly was pivotal in the Vanu win.

We originally agreed to play this clean, plain and simple. We even mentioned how we would not do things like stream sniping. We all agreed in a TeamSpeak channel to play it clean. Here is our perspective about the controversies that followed our match:


Let's start out with the real story about the spawn beacons rule change:

When we originally met we agreed to additional rules:
1. Spawn Beacons WILL be allowed
2. Warp Gate swap at halftime
3. If Sudden Death: Pistols and Knives only in addition to sudden death rules

(originally posted on on 09-23-2013, 05:23 PM)

At our first meeting we agreed that we would have 10 people from each side granted BR 10 by a developer so we could cert into spawn beacons.

We were notified on Sept. 24th 11:48am by @ps2commclash the following: "FYI, I talked to Maggie today and the br leveling for squad beacon is a no go this week. Sorry guys" I responded by saying "Shit Ok. We will do the Old fashion way then." I clearly stated we would be responsible for leveling ourselves up to BR 10 "the old fashion way" on test server in order to procure our own ability to cert into spawn beacons.

TXR and MERCs did not find out about the no spawn beacons until 45min before the match when I happen to stumble upon a comment in the Community Clash Reddit thread. At our pre-op meeting we asked if NNG and TGWW would still honor the spawn beacon agreement. Dreadnaut and Jaamaw both were quick to deny us. We now can clearly see why after their show of force in the air. Without spawn beacons we would be forced to only be able to spawn from deployed Sunderers, which with air domination could be quickly disposed of.


Shortly afterwards I heard rumors of "ringer" pilots that TGWW brought into. That being said, here we go:

A simple question needs to be answered. Did you bring in people who are not in your outfit "full time"?

According to CC ruleset:
Player Makeup:
1) All members must be a full time member of the outfit they are representing for the event.
2) Substitutes for your team can be made at the halftime/intermission

If you brought in anyone who was not in your outfit, you clearly broke this rule, whether your outfit runs with them "all the time" or not.

We could have done the exact same thing but didn't. We had offers from TRG and NUC and still we held fast to our "let's play this clean" promise. It saddens me that people would feel like they need to resort to things like stream sniping and now padding their teams in order to win an event that is for the community and by the community.

My final thoughts: I can understand why people feel cheated, while some may argue that "no rule was broken" it is clear that the spirit of the rule was trampled upon, and in the future these type of events need to be very clear about the rules and have definite penalties if broken, including bans from future events. Let's grow from this and learn. Play fair or GTFO.
Your definition and their definitions are clearly different, so its an impasse. Arcfault being in TEST for the purposes of being a reddit mod, and QRY on his NC and (formerly?) TE on his TR is a good example. He considers himself a TGWW, at least enough so to fit the rule set. I would assume by that definition you do not. Another example would be dreadnaught kicking the low level alts from TGWW, but still considering those players members (which he discussed in this thread).

Its on the RCCC guys to make the ruling, and they already stated that they cant/wont be doing so. Therefor in reality, the rule in practice is bring whoever you want and hopefully be honorable about it. If they have no intentions of enforcing the rules, well then they aren't really rules. They are suggestions.

Besides, look on the positive side of things. From what i have seen the losers of matches often have a much easier time finding other outfits to scrim with them than the "top tier outfits". No one wants to get stomped in an uneven match. its bad enough dealing with that in internal outfit practice. I've seen things get so one sided that its stops being a learning experience for one side after about 10 minutes.

In the end, this kinda stuff keeps happening over and over with RCCC and reflecting poorly on the event as a whole more than any one outfit. I have yet to see a match where the rule set wasn't a problem, rules weren't changed last minute or someone had an issue. And yes, this is a growing process, but it doesn't help that in most of them, the teams seemed completely lopsided. The only reason I kept watching recently was for the nexus. Its certainly not the lacking camera work or match i know the outcome of before the first half ends. Then these threads start up, and neither side can stay out of the mud. For every well reasoned post from an outfit, the same outfit has a guy flaming and trolling in broken english. Community building.

Originally Posted by Snoggy View Post

What amuses me about all this is how poorly it reflects reality on the live servers... in that... for a first in PS2 history, air trumps all
Air still dominates the live servers too, assuming the sides are completely even and don't reach a critical mass, but of course that is rarely the case. That said, i was a bit surprised that the TR strikers weren't that effective. Mountainous terrain i guess.

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