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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by retrogreq View Post
Quote from you on reddit. Sounds to me like Arc has the right of it.
Nope. Here's the difference: The ever increasing skill cap is only a problem if SOE doesn't provide mechanics for casuals/newcomers to:
  • Faster overcome this gap (like the highly unpopular killcam)
  • Balances the rewards of higher skills (like choosing between reverse thrusting and AA rocket pods)

There is nothing wrong with an insanely high skill ceiling in itself. It's a great motivator for players to keep improving, especially in competitive gaming. But when you mix those hardcore uberskilled players on vanilla servers with casuals/newcomers, you've got to come up with mechanics to keep the game fun and rewarding for everyone or otherwise this increasing gap will make the game inaccessible. And my statement on reddit is that this game is in danger of becoming inaccessible. Posts of disillusioned new players like this one you will find daily on reddit.

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