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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by retrogreq View Post
I have heard this accusation 3 times now. This is such bullshit. WE DIDN'T GO GET MORE RESOURCES, WE MANAGED THEM BETTER THAN YOU.

At the start of each round, the ground guys pulled ALL of our air a vehicle, then even MORE ground guys pulled BACKUPS of those vehicles, and parked them in assigned spots in the WG. Our pilots didn't even use ANY of their resources till they died for a 3rd time in each round.

There, the secret is out of the bag. We are better strategists.

There are 2 sides to every story...

Moarwin...  I was trying to keep up with that PSU comment thread but jeez, these guys are thick headed. All that needed to happen for the roster to be legit was everyone being in the outfit tag TGWW or NNG at the START of the match. Lol. Oh, and nobody has brought up that they subbed in alts that had max resources at the half have they?

Quorum... I heard people talking about it last night could someone link it for me. Have not followed it. Sounds like they are pissed because TGWW got some QRY guys to join them?. . . That stupid! There is a diplomatic side to things too and if TGWW got some great pilots to "join" the outfit last minute well you just got beat on both the diplomatic and strategic front. Step up your game! All if fair in love and war bitches.

Quorum... LOLZ but lets face it we all know that was not the real TGWW that we see every night, that was Mattherson's best. Which just shows how well connected TGWW is to be able to muster all of those aces (tip of the hat to Dread). . . As I have said before the Real TGWW comms are more like hanging out at a coffee house (again with all due respect) not a frat house *cough*QRY*cough*. . .

lolololol01.. About making it public, be very careful, just because of the racism and some other comments. I would make it link only if you do decide to post on youtube and put the link to it on the private forums here on pilotsguild so only we can see it. Our comms were terrible and amazing at the same time though and was laughing whole way through (also meant I got to play my 2nd comm clash as I was with RGQT last week haha )

They think the Community Clash is a joke, and they think the rules are a joke.This is who they are. Im done here.

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