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Re: PS Code of Honor Pact

I don't know what you people are thinking is going to happen here, but I sure hope you become a little more realistic with what, WILL happen. As to what you, HOPE, will happen.

And, that goes for ALL aspects of the game. From, how you hope those that log in will play. To the actuality of how many, WILL log into play. Without this going on Steam nothing significant is going to occur beyond you logging in and visiting empty places that you hold in your hearts for fights that occurred years ago.

Think of this as a veterans re-visiting Normandy, Cassino, Sicily, Truk. A lot of lost friends, enemies and emotions in an open empty backdrop really. SOE simply opening up the game to F2P means jackdiddlysquat. SOE porting the game to Steam F2P access with some advertising = success to some extent. But, to be realistic. None of what I just posted will happen but nostalgia for those that take the time to d/l and log on. Which will be very, very small. I'd even say the over/under will be less then 100 people.
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