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Lightbulb Re: Ideas for the "Rich get richer" problem

So there's two things I see that reduce the problem here. One is the default gear, one is passive gains.

So when we respawn, it won't be in pajamas with the default loadout. It is going to be with some kind of weaponry, in some kind of armor. Vehicles are a luxury, but when resources and footholds are getting narrow, sometimes players may have to bite the bullet and go a few lives with more simple infantry gear and tactics.

I'm guessing there will be a passive amount of resources that every participating soldier will receive regardless of hexes owned. When we have a ton of bases and footholds, we are granted a lot of resources plus whatever we'd get as the default amount. When we have fewer hexes conquered, we are still getting regular passive resource gains in addition to the meager trickle coming in from the remaining footholds.

Personally, my solution for this is to increase the amount of resources collected from slaying combatants of factions with more hexes. If your faction has more hexes than the opponent, you only get the default 100 per kill. However, for each hex more that the opponent's faction owns, resources earned for the kill are increased.
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